User experience

Adotmob brings your advertising messages across in ways that make your audience engage seamlessly with your brand.

User-centered design

Adotmob is an expert of mobile technology and the necessary strategy to make users feel comfortable with your brand and your messages across mobile devices. Its know-how in user-centric technical development fosters the creation of innovative and customized content including micro moments synchronous advertising which helps increase engagement on a campaign.

Design thinking

Adotmob's UX strategists and designers are constantly focused on R&D to find suitable solutions for your brand issues and give you the best mobile guidance to enhance your presence on this device. Its creative scenarios are systematically examined and tested to ensure creative responsiveness on every mobile universe.

UX design is a guiding thread in creating your mobile presence. Adotmob is focused on a CCC mobile creative strategy: Content, custom & context

Rich media Interstitial which goal is to generate engagement with the brand and promote the value proposition of the product.

Rich media intersititial calling the Spotify API in real time to upload a dynamic playlist according to the time and the day of the week.

Expandable banner supporting a video to communicate on the new product of the cereals brand Lion.

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