Adotmob is the cutting-edge tech stack with its own buying infrastructure crafted in-house with passion.

Mobile first infrastructure

Cutting-edge technologies and architecture

Adotmob's infrastructure is based on a fully distributed, scalable and reliable architecture. Designed with flexibility, fault-tolerance and performance in mind, every component can be replaced gracefully in no time with no downtime.

Continuous improvement and innovation

Processes and methodologies are carefully crafted by an agile team. New features and production deployments on a daily basis is the rule of thumb at Adotmob.

Fueled by data

Both internal and third-party data streams have been first class citizens since the inception of the company. It allows to handle huge amount of data in a fully smooth way.

Cross universe DMP


Adotmob collects, unifies, and enriches data from mobile. This helps marketers to target mobile users on in-app and mobile web to ensure a greater reach, a preferred user respect and better results.


Adotmob's decision engine allows the integration of large data sets treated in real-time to make smarter decisions.


Thanks to historical data and real-time analytics Adotmob's data science team builds and deploys predictive models which help to define mobile users’ scoring, predict future events and establish models resulting in well informed decision-making.

Dynamic banners & interactive creatives


Adotmob develops responsive and adaptive creatives which are compatible with every mobile media supports and network bandwidth.

Innovative mindset development

Adotmob creatives are proprietary and coded with a slight and quick to load mobile native language to ensure better experiences on mobile devices.

Customized content

Adotmob ensures customized experiences through mobile DCO by using public and private APIs in order to personalize content on any variable.